Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate adalah sebuah 6-in-1 PDF converter untuk mengkonversi PDF ke Word, Excel, PowerPoint, HTML, Gambar dan Teks pada 32bit/64bit Windows 7/Vista/XP OS. Mendukung konversi batch dan kecepatan tercepat untuk mengkonversi PDF ke Kantor. Hal ini dapat mengkonversi file PDF dengan kualitas output yang tinggi, gambar, grafik dan tabel akan dipertahankan justru dari PDF ke format lain.

Best Convert PDF to Word Converter

All contents including original formatting, graphic objects and hyperlinks, even tables could be reserved accurately from PDF to Word with Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate.

Easy PDF to Excel Converter

It can easily convert PDF to Excel in two methods. If the users want to extract only data tables, Partial method is the right choice; otherwise, the whole PDF will be converted to Excel with text content and number data.

Cute PDF to PowerPoint Converter

PDF Converter Ultimate allows converting PDF to PowerPoint to present PDF files in PowerPoint. It converts each PDF page into one PPT slide, so, there is no need to reformat the converted PowerPoint slides.

Convert PDF to HTML

Hyperlinks in PDF will be preserved active from PDF to HTML ebooks with Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate.

Save PDF to Images in 5 Types Format

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate supports to extract Images from PDF and save PDF to Images in 5 types – PDF to JPEG, PDF to TIFF, PDF to BMP, to PNG and to GIF.

Convert PDF to Plain Text

Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate can extract plain text content from PDF files and save as .txt documents.


size : 3.79 mb

Semoga Software ” Simpo PDF Converter Ultimate v1.5.0 ” bermanfaat bagi para pengguna. Terima Kasih atas kunjungannya dan komentari juga postingan in


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